Amber Teething Necklace Safety | Keep Your Baby Safe When Wearing Amber Teething Necklace

There is so much ado about Amber Teething Necklace Safety. 

Indeed, recently there is so much discussion about it. “Teething Necklaces can cause strangulation or choking” - we hear, or “ I would rather have my baby be uncomfortable from teething pain than end up choking or suffocating.”

What's even more, there are so many amber teething necklaces available in the market and in online shops that choosing the best one seems a real challenge.

Every mother wants to be sure that she goes for the best, safest and 100% pure Baltic Amber necklace for her baby.

Let’s be honest. 

Leaving your child with anything unattended (toys, pencil, toothbrush) might lead to your baby’s harm or disaster. When you put a teething necklace on your baby’s neck you need to be cautious and...



That’s not a rocket science but a pure parental responsibility.

Amber Teething Necklace Safety is just a matter of using common sense when helping your 👶 Little One to deal with teething pain.

🤱To make this time easier for both of you we have prepared a set of 4 Golden Rules to follow.


  1. Always supervise your child when he or she is wearing the necklace (remove the necklace when the infant is unattended, even if it is only for a short period of time).
  2. Take off the necklace when your baby is sleeping (at day naps or night). By the way, are you wearing a necklace when you go to bed? I am not. Necklaces are supposed to be used when your baby is awake.
  3. Do not allow your baby to mouth or chew the necklace. Your baby can and will probably want to use other physical forms of teething relief like teething biscuits or a frozen washcloth.
  4. Buy the safest and most solid necklaces.


Watch this short video to better remember these rules and to make sure that you can easily deal with Amber Teething Necklace Safety of your Baby:


While points 1-3 lay in your hands mum, point 4 might be a challenge and time-consuming. How to be sure that in a huge variety of available amber teething necklaces you will choose the best, strongest, safest and made of genuine Baltic Amber teething necklace?

Learn more and read our Complete Guide:

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