Choker Necklace

Choker Necklace is a HOT Topic now.

It looks awesome and is quite easy to do on your own. The greatest thing is that choker can be made of many materials, including leather cord, ribbon, plastic, velvet, metal, etc. It can be adorned in a variety of ways using embellishments like sequins, studs, beads, pendants.

If you feel like doing your own choker at home there is not a problem to find a step-by-step DIY tutorial on YouTube. I've found one which especially appealed to me as Kayley Melissa gives 6 Crazy Easy DIY Choker Tutorials. Here she is:


However, some of you prefer to purchase a choker necklace either in a local or online shop.

If you want to have a choker necklace like this one below, for FREE! all you need to do is to order TWO jewelry items. It doesn't matter what kind of jewelry you order. The choker will be sent to you together with your order.


You can make of it a bracelet if you want. So did I:-)

choker necklace


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