What Is The Most Natural Cure To Thyroid Problems? - Try Baltic Amber

You can not indicate one best way to fight against thyroid problems. What works for one, doesn't necessarily have to help the other person. Nevertheless, I think that there is one natural healer that I know well and it is called Baltic amber.

Baltic Amber is believed to be our family remedy for many ailments:-) I wear amber necklace close to my neck because I am suffering terrible migraines, but my daughter and my mother in law wear it [in the same way] as they have thyroid problems [Hashimoto]. Of course, they have to use some medicaments, but they say that wearing this necklace [since 6 months] make them feel less weak and sleepy and that they have more energy. I see my daughter being more active afternoons, and less fussy.

Many times I tried to convince my mother in law to try amber necklace but she had only been laughing. However, she got one from me:-) for her birthday so... she had no choice.

Now she thanks me and regrets she had wasted so many years not believing in alternative medicine.



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