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What is Amber?

  Baltic Amber (succinite) is a fascinating stone. We are really proud that it is strongly associated with Poland and especially with our beautiful Gdansk. Due to the fact that Gdansk is called the World's Capital of Amber, we feel obliged to give you a comprehensive answer to the question: What is Amber? We've gathered for you only the most useful information here. After reading this article you will be the Amber Specialist. You can either watch a short video above or read the whole post which we strongly advise. You can simply grab a PDF and read it whenever you want or share with anyone interested. 1.What Is Amber According To Myths and Legends According to ancient Greek myth, Amber was the tears of Heliades...

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Alto 'di Versi - Who and Why Are We?

Welcome to Alto ‘di Versi Located in the north of Poland in Gdansk - the most prestigious area of Pomeranian region we constantly strive to deliver stylish amber gifts to every corner of the world in the most fashionable way. We are inspired by the very best that Gdansk - the World Capital of Amber - has to offer. Our amber jewelry sets containing women’s pendants and men’s cufflinks make a unique gift both for the anniversary, weddings, business gifts or any other special occasions you wish. It can be an unforgettable souvenir from Gdansk as well. The refined and beautiful packaging which will satisfy even the most demanding customer and solve this troublesome wrapping problem is like icing on the...

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