Amber Bracelets

Why people wear bracelets?

To show what's important to them. They feel more confident and fulfilled wearing symbolic gemstones. Bracelets, unlike any other women’s accessories, pay an enormous role in business meetings. They add class to our outfit and let us become more noticed. Why? Because a woman with attractive bracelet shaking hand with a businessman while being introduced seems more noble and distinguished.

Why people wear Amber Bracelets?

Because it is wonderful to wear something that is not only classy but has Healing Properties. Watch this two-minute video and find out.


It is hard to buy jewelry online, but I hope these UV photos attached to all of our Bracelets speak for themselves and remain a guarantee that all of them are made of % Baltic Amber.

Genuine Amber Bracelet | Multicolor | Medium Size | Small Faceted Beads in UV light:

Original, unique, authentic, genuine Baltic Amber Bracelet irregular, multicolor beads, handmade in Poland, Gift for Her, Baltic Amber authenticity test, UV light

Please note that brighter Baltic Amber color will give you better UV effect. Therefore in the case of cherry, cognac and darker shades of amber beads, their color in UV light will change slightly.


Why should you choose our Amber Bracelets?

  • 100% GENUINE BALTIC AMBER - We guarantee that all of our products are made from genuine Baltic Amber beads. All stones are authentic and natural! Every item comes with a brochure containing the amber authenticity certificate, an introduction to amber and instructions on how to use and care for your product
  • HANDMADE, SAFE & ADJUSTABLE - All of our products are made of carefully sorted and inspected beads to ensure best quality items to your satisfaction. Carefully designed for durability and safety. We offer raw amber bracelets (unpolished), polished and faceted amber bracelets. Each bracelet is adjustable and safety knot.
  • FEEL SAFE BUYING - We are giving a one-year money back guarantee. Buy with confidence!

If you are searching for Amber Bracelet and are not sure what color to choose? Check what color best suits your personality or personality of your beloved one (click here).


Would you like to send a Bracelet as a Gift directly to Her?
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Would you like it to be beautifully wrapped? Like this one?

gift for HER, gift for woman, made in Poland, Baltic Amber jewelry

That's a pleasure for us to make Both of You Happier

What do you need to do?

  • Add a 'NOTE' when placing an order [provide 'Her' name or a message you would like her to read when opening the Gift]
  • Double check 'SHIPPING ADDRESS'.

Remember that YOU will still be receiving information regarding parcel itself. You can always send me a message when in doubts: