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Baltic Amber Cognac Pendant, Gold Plated, Made in Poland, Gift for Her, Pink ribbon 

Amber Pendants are the most practical type of jewelry. Hence women who love comfort, freedom, and elegance should definitely go for amber pendants. Bracelets might be uncomfortable, particularly when typing, earrings are not for everybody, while pendants... Well, having only one stylish chain you can craft so many styles as you wish using different pendants, and you'll get compliments from men and women around you. Wouldn't it be wonderful to wear something that is beautiful and has Healing Powers? Watch this two-minute video and find out. 

If you are a man searching for Amber Pendant for Her and are not sure what color to choose? Check what color best suits Her personality (click here).


It is hard to buy jewelry online, but I hope these UV photos attached to all of our Baltic Amber Pendants speak for themselves and remain a guarantee that all of them are made of % Baltic Amber.

Milky Green Amber Pendant in UV light:
Original, unique, authentic, genuine Baltic Amber Pendant with Milky Green Amber, Silver, original shape, handmade in Poland, Gift for Her, Baltic Amber authenticity test, UV light

Please note that brighter Baltic Amber color will give you better UV effect. Therefore in the case of cherry, cognac and darker shades of amber beads, their color in UV light will change slightly.


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Baltic Amber Green Pendant, Silver Plated, Made in Poland, Gift for Her, Pink ribbon 

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