What Is Amber? Complete Guide

Whether you’re caring for your baby or just want to be more natural yourself, we believe you’ll find resources here to help.

This eBook

  • contains a lot of useful information about Amber [its origin, myths, and legends, classification, inclusions, etc.] and its Healing Properties [for babies and adults and where they come from]
  • explains how to choose the best Amber Teething Necklace for baby and provides tips and golden rules to keep a baby safe when wearing it
  • provides a simple way to best match amber color with personality when buying a gift for woman or man
  • gives answers to many other questions often asked by our customers
  • is a real 'must have' for all who want to know more about this amazing gemstone
  • remains a perfect addition to any purchase or it can simply be a single position if you want first to know more about amber before deciding to try it.

A lot of outsources, photos, video links, tips & trick makes this ebook a pleasurable lecture. We guarantee you will be nicely surprised.