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How To Wear Cufflinks - Introduction

If you ask me, a woman, how to wear cufflinks, I would honestly say that you should better ask an expert or at least a man. Not only have I never worn them, but  I am a jewelry maker, not a men's stylist.  Hence, I am not going to write this post from the scratch but to share with you some valuable content I've already found on the internet. Instead of duplicating articles I will focus on my workshop:-).

In fact, there are dozens of awesome pages explaining in details how to wear cufflinks. You can also learn a lot about types of cufflinks and materials they are made of.

How To Wear Cufflinks - Where To Find The Best Guide?

If you have no idea of what cufflinks are used for you should definitely read Beginner’s Guide To CufflinksAntonio Centeno - the founder of Real Men Real Style - gives you the ultimate guide to cufflinks. Nothing to add. Excellent article!

Then after going through this one, you can study another Antonio's article: A Man’s Guide to Cufflinks. This article covers most what you have learned from the previous one, but still, it is a good read.

silver cufflinks with lemon baltic amber and zircons perfectly match with pink shirt, it is awesome gift for a man

How To Wear Cufflinks - Where To Find The Best Video Explainer?

I think that the best videos are the shortest ones. That's why I have chosen video by CWHouseMenswear. Watch how simple it is:-) 


How To Wear Cufflinks And Match Them With Shirts, Suits & Ties?

I guess that a lot of men are not sure what kind of cufflinks to wear with their outfit. In order to dispel their doubts, I've encountered yet another interesting video showing how to combine cufflinks in their clothing, so you look dashing while at the same time you also have fun incorporating this accessory to your wardrobe.

I believe that now you know how to wear cufflinks and impress others with your look👍


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