In Which Hand Should Girls Wear Bracelet?

That is a very good question. Previously I wasn’t thinking too much about how to wear this kind of jewelry. I have a lot of bracelets but am not used to wearing them. Today I know it was a mistake. Unlike any other women’s accessories, bracelets pay an enormous role in business meetings. It doesn’t matter if you are a righty or a lefty person - use it in your right hand. However, this rule refers only to the business world. As for the ordinary outfit, you can decide which hand to wear them.

Bracelets add class to your outfit and let you become more noticed. Why? Because a woman with an attractive bracelet shaking hand with a businessman while being introduced seems more noble and distinguished.

One day I was waiting in a cafe for a friend and in the meantime, I heard a quite loud conversation between two businessmen. They were discussing a conference they participated in and were desperately trying to remind the name of a woman who was one of the lecturers. Suddenly one of them said: “ Don’t you remember? She was wearing that bright bracelet! You must remember her”.



After this situation, I couldn’t believe that men pay attention to women’s accessories as much as women.

But that is true. Bracelets are less popular, probably because women feel uncomfortable when wearing them. However, this effort is rewarding.

My advice is: Wear Bracelet in your right hand on Big Day and in any hand on an ordinary day. People will talk about you long later.



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