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Where To Buy Amber Teething Necklace

If you’re wondering where to buy amber teething necklace, this post is for you!

Not only we are proud of our hand-made genuine Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces in our online shop, but we’re also happy to advise you where to buy this awesome remedy approved by mothers all over the world.

Unlike rompers or baby pacifiers, you can’t get an amber teething necklace at a supermarket or neighboring store so you’ll have to be a little more resourceful and smart when buying a teething necklace.

Let's get straight to the point and look at best options regarding where to buy an amber teething necklace.

So, Where to Buy Amber Teething Necklace?

You have two options:

1. You can buy it in a local specialty shop


2. Buy it online.

Depending on which option you choose there are pros and cons:

Local Shops


+ no need to wait for the delivery

+ no delivery costs


- limited selection 

- risk of buying the fake teething necklace

Online Shops


+ almost unlimited selection of colors, beads shapes, used material (polished or raw amber)

+ you can always ask for a certificate of authenticity


- sometimes you have to wait for delivery, especially when the parcel comes from the other part of the world

- some online shops charge for delivery

Before buying teething necklace ask the seller about where their amber comes from, especially if buying on eBay or Amazon. Amber comes from around the world but only Baltic Amber has a high concentration of succinic acid — the key component affiliated with its healing properties

The best idea is to buy from trusted online shops located at the Baltic Sea [Poland, Lithuania]. Of course, if you are ordering from USA, Australia or Canada or any other distant country, you need to be aware that the time of delivery might take few days. 

As with any online purchase, make sure you factor in shipping cost as well. It’s easy with if you buy an amber teething necklace from us — shipping is always free! — but shipping costs at other online merchants can significantly increase the final cost.

How To Buy The Best Amber Teething Necklace?

Every mother wants to be sure that she goes for the best, safest and 100% pure Baltic Amber necklace for her baby. Therefore to make this choice easier, we have prepared a set of 5 Tips to take into consideration when buying Amber Teething Necklace.



TIP #1

  1. Material: Buy original, genuine product with a certificate of authenticity. To confirm you have purchased the real deal, try these two tests:
  • Put the amber necklace into a glass of salted water. Genuine Amber will not sink.

    amber teething necklace authenticity test in salted water, genuine baltic amber

  • Rub the necklace against a piece of cloth to see if it causes the cloth to become static enough to pick up paper. Static increases the likelihood you have real Baltic amber.

Watch how we also test if amber is real:

TIP #2

2. Clasp / Closure: Make sure it has the plastic screw clasp. Amber clasps are beautiful, but too fragile and may break and crush unattended. Screw clasp will stop your baby from being able to take the necklace off.

amber teething necklace plastic screw clasp view, safe, multicolor beads

plastic screw clasp, amber teething necklace, safe soother, baltic amber

TIP #3

3. Cord and Beads Assembling: Always check the cord of the necklace to make sure it is solid and isn’t fraying. Your necklace should feature and double knotted beads to provide additional safety measures. That makes the whole teething necklace tidy and safe. The necklace will never tear into many small beads.

double knotted beads, safe amber teething necklace, baltic amber

TIP #4

 4. Length: Mind the necklace length. A good, standard length for an amber teething necklace is 32 centimeters (12 inches). Parents rightfully wonder if amber teething necklaces are a choking hazard, which is understandable given that it’s placed around baby’s neck. Hence, with the necklace length at least 12 inches / 32 cm long it’s not too tight and definitely not too long, both of which can be dangerous. Remember that correct length provides additional safety measures against strangulation and choking.

amber teething necklace best length, 32 cm, 12 inch, safe

TIP #5

5. Beads: Check the shape of beads. Necklace beads cannot have sharp endings. Small, slightly irregular and oval beads will be perfect for a baby to get accustomed to wearing the necklace. Raw, untreated beads are probably most healing, but for a baby will be totally uncomfortable. Choose beads which were polished without using chemicals [pine pieces to polish them in a wooden tumbler].

amber teething necklace, irregular oval polished beads, without chemicals, safe and comfortable

amber teething necklace, avoid raw untreated beads, uncomfortable


TIP #6

Color: Go for white (the most expensive), milky yellow, butter-colored, lemon yellow, or green in color. The traditional golden and darker colored beads are most likely cooked to enhance the color and may be less effective as a result.

TIP #7

Speaking of color: some mamas say that the lighter the color, the more pain-relieving succinic acid it contains. That hasn’t been proven and there is a range of colors of amber, so as long as it’s genuine Baltic amber, it may provide healing benefits.

amber teething necklaces five types, cognac, lemon, cherry, multicolor, milky, screw clasp, polished beads, healing for babies



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